Photo Shoot

It was a beautiful day, conditions were perfect, so we all got straight into it and ended up with the perfect shot!

Big Thanks to:
 Phebe Rendulic for coming back for another year to shoot some more TAFE SA fashion;
Marie Longinidis for helping me out with hair and makeup at the last minute, loved the stained lip;
Sophie Loxton you were perfect and looked amazing in the clothes, a natural and so switched on;
and of course Harry Worth you did a great job of assisting Phebe with the reflector.

One Down

One outfit down five to go!

Photo Inspiration

Inspiration for my up coming photo shoot, from makeup to location.

 Taking up the space.

 Fresh face, stained lips.

Spider eyes.



My work area is a place that needs to keep me creative all the time so having my storyboard in front of me with colours, silhouettes, prints and photographs creates my own little area of inspiration.

Design Development

Playing around with potential outfits designed for my range.

Fabric & Print

When sourcing fabrics for my range i decided to check out Warwick upholstery fabrics because of the huge range of geometric prints they have available. Here are some I am considered for my range.


Silhouettes & Designers

Inspiration through silhouette and designers.

Chloe' Fall 2009

Proenza Schouler Fall 2011

Gorman Winter 2011

Karla Spetic Spring/Summer 2011

Calvin Klein Fall 2011

Jil Sander Fall 2011

Jack London Winter 2011